the project

Wynwood Blank Canvas Project is a new gallery concept featuring artists from all over the world, promoting from well established to creative emerging artists. We will assist you to find the best art piece for your collection.
Combined 7,000 square feet indoor/outdoor space is home for artist studios, exhibition room, venue space perfect for solo exhibits and any private or corporate event. Besides, you will enjoy taking a break at our Gift Shop for you to have tea and bakery snacks. 
Part of the project is to provide artists with supplies as canvas, framing, and our NEW micro-cement from "Cement Design" for finishing sculptures and murals that you can choose from our showroom.

To make all this more fun you can also join our paint parties created just for adults.

We will continue to be creative for you!!!

Pedro Perez and Lili Botero

about us

This is what we are here for

Whether you are looking to buy art, sell your art, use our space as a venue, use our framing services or simple stop and take a break in our T-room, Wynwood Blank Canvas Project will give you the best service

the founders

Pedro Perez and Lili Botero

Born in New York in 1975, Pedro Perez is the Gallery Director. Pedro moved to Florida to study a Bachelor degree in Computer Animation and  Associate degree in Fine Arts at International Fine Arts University.

Lili Botero is a Colombian artist that moved to Miami in 2001. Niece of world renown artist Fernando Botero, Lili has exhibit her artwork around the world.

Lili and Pedro opened Wynwood Blank Canvas Project to the public in June 2015.

"Our idea started when we found out how difficult is for artists to exhibit for the first time in any art gallery. As artists that we are, decided to open a whole new doors of opportunities for artists". Pedro Perez

our story

"A few years early we met each other, but you would not guess WHERE!!! It was my first year of finally putting myself out there to exhibit my art. It was Art Basel week 2012 and I was part of an exhibition in a gallery a couple of blocks away from Midtown shops, and I was so excited to show my art to the public that I invited all my friends and family to be part of the opening of this new chapter. What I did not expect, was to also start a new love chapter, and incredibly impossible to meet him in what today is our gallery. THERE ARE THINGS IN LIFE YOU DON’T EXPECT, BUT THAT MAKES OUR LIVES MORE EXITING! Now we have a family and we are learning everyday to build up our dreams. Blank Canvas Gallery now makes part of the Art World!!!". Lili Botero